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Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) can help to ensure you to be covered for the cost of medical treatments if you get sick or have an accident.

The Australian Government requires you to have OSHC for the duration of your study period in Australia.

BEMS offers fast, friendly and helpful advice on your healthcare needs so you can focus on your studies.

Who has to Take Out OSHC

People who must take out OSHC are overseas students undertaking formal studies in Australia and their dependents (for example, spouses and children under 18 years old).

For the purposes of OSHC, ‘overseas student’ means:

  • a person who is the holder of a student visa; or
  • a person who:

- is an applicant for a student visa; and
- is the holder of a bridging visa; and
- was immediately before being granted the bridging visa, the holder of a student visa.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires overseas students to maintain OSHC for the duration of time they are in Australia.

How to Avail OSHC

You can arrange to pay for your OSHC through your educational institution or you can purchase OSHC online by visiting the OSHC insurers’ websites. You retain the right to choose your own OSHC provider even when your educational institution makes a specific recommendation because they have negotiated a preferred provider arrangement with a particular insurer and moreover, BEMS obviously can provide support too in this regard.

Basically, OSHC provides a safety net for international students. It includes cover for visits to the doctor, some hospital treatment, ambulance cover and limited pharmaceuticals (medicines).