Benchmark Training

Visa Training Benchmark

Any employer desiring to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia for temporary basis usually uses the Business Sponsorship visa. In that case, in order to recruit overseas workers, the employer has to apply to be a sponsor. The Australian Government is encouraging all employers to invest in training for Australian workers. Now, the Australian government encourages all the employers to invest for the training of Australian workers.

If you have been asked by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to fulfill your duty as an employer sponsor under the Training Benchmarks program, BEMS has the solution to fulfilling your obligations.

BEMS is also able to conduct structured onsite training for your employees and clients at short notice.

BEMS is able to assist employer sponsors from the Hospitality, Tourism, Business, Food & Beverage, Culinary Arts, Meat Processing, Travel and Tourism, Events, Spa and Resort Management sectors.

Currently, there are two Benchmarks available and the employer has to select one which they meet.

Training Benchmark A

Training Benchmark ‘A’ involves employer sponsors making a contribution of 2% of recent gross payroll to an Approved Scholarship Fund or Industry Training Fund. It is suitable for businesses facing time constraints or operating without Australians or permanent residents as employees. Employer sponsors can only make a contribution to a similar industry.

All contributions deposited into this scholarship fund are used for the benefit of supporting less fortunate domestic students in achieving their career ambitions through a series of scholarship and hardship grants.

The contribution is an annual obligation for the duration of the sponsorship.

Training Benchmark B

Training Benchmark ‘B’ involves employer sponsors making a contribution of at least 1% of recent gross business payroll towards the provision of training for employees who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

BEMS will work with you to select a suitable course or courses. Training can be held on or off campus and an auditable training plan can be provided for immigration compliance purposes. Contributions will be only valid for 12 months and the training has to be completed within 12 months.

Reason to Choose BEMS

BEMS as middle management is always available for providing the support to get you engaged in various Benchmark trainings. BEMS has the capability to get you connected to different prominent training providers in Australia for cost effective and comparatively less-time consuming training sessions. BEMS through its strong network offers different customized delivery programs and assists n signing up different companies for the identification of their budgets. Another positive side to go with BEMS is to enjoy various discount offers on different training sessions which BEMS usually arranges for its respected clients.